Alpha Krav Maga Compound Reviews

Northbrook Martial Arts

This is a top-notch facility, all around. First of all, Master George and his instructors/staff are top notch. They are extremely skilled, knowledgeable, and talented. The classes are fast-paces and upbeat. They teach Alpha Krav Maga, so you couldn't ask for better self-defense. The bag classes and fitness workouts will push you and get you fit.

Secondly, this is a fantastic facility. The rooms are equipped with all the gear and tools you can ask for. The rooms are spacious and up to date. You really couldn't ask for a better facility.

Nick Merchant

Northbrook Martial Arts

This is a fantastic school!!! Anyone interested in self defense in The Chicago are this is the place!!! Great instruction w a world class team!!!

Brian Matthew Imholz

Northbrook Martial Arts

There's nothing like training with like-minded people, who want to be prepared for any unforseen circumstances keeping family and others safe from harm. Master George and Diana are not only top notch instructors but even better human beings. Train with the best at Alpha Krav Maga Compound.

Will Tamondong

Northbrook Martial Arts

Alpha Krav Maga Compound is THE place to learn how to own your power and utilize it for the Good. You will experience the highest calibre Krav Maga training from high level instructors who are dedicated to empowering and motivating their students with patience and compassion. Master George Buruian is an incredible man who is a life changer and role model to us all on how to conduct your life with Grace, Honor and Integrity. Needless to say, I am a huge fan.

Rebecca Pogonitz

Northbrook Martial Arts

Been training with Master George and Coach Diana as well as most of their Instructors for many years! They are an awesome team that will treat you like family and change your life !

Bernadette Benesa Ambubuyog

Northbrook Martial Arts

Great experience training under the true spirit of "kida": a mutual agreement to take care of each other, so as for nobody to get injured, while still training in as close to a reality scenario as intelligently possible!

Vitaliy Kuznetsov

Northbrook Martial Arts

Master George Buruian is the absolute best! He is an AWESOME teacher & a wonderful person. He has an amazing ability to connect with & empower all of his students. I have had the great pleasure of knowing & learning from Master George for over 10 years! He is the highest ranking Krav Maga instructor in the Midwest! I highly recommend Master George & ALPHA KRAV MAGA COMPOUND! #RealKravMaga

Michelle Maher Delarosa

Northbrook Martial Arts

Great instructors, positive environment with state of the art equipment. What more can one ask for?

David Mando

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